Property Management Services
for the Greater Lake City, Florida Area

 List of Services Provided

 Tenant Relations:

  • new tenant placement
  • rent collections
  • escrow services
  • tenant termination


Property Maintenance:

  • repair coordination
  • maintenance coordination
  • vendor supervision
  • competitive bidding

 Reports & Accounting:

  • monthly cash flow
  • periodic rent roll reports


Landlord Benefits:

Financial Benefits. Our clients may realize financial benefits from: 

  • Timely rent collection
  • Reduced Vacancy
  • Efficient removal of problem tenants
  • Attention to preventive maintenance 

Reduced Work Load. We take on the time consuming jobs. Our clients are free to focus on their priorities. We collect rents, respond to tenant problems, arrange repairs, etc. so our clients can use their time as they wish.

Offset Management Fees. Fees can be partially offset by our management efficiencies such that the true cost of professional management may be less than the fees actually paid. If our management decreases vacancies by just one month, the extra rent payment can pay a large portion of the management fee. 

Impeccably Honest and Trustworthy. Our clients enjoy peace of mind because they have a deep trust in us. They know that we are driven to serve their best interest and to conduct business based on sound Biblical principles.