If you are contemplating selling your property, here are a few thoughts for you to consider. Selling your property is a critical undertaking. Choose carefully the professionals that will assist you. When selecting a real estate broker, there are a number of questions that you should ask:


1.       Does the broker specialize in the type of property that I am selling? If you wish to sell a commercial property, a farm, or a sizeable acreage, you should list with a broker that specializes in these types of real estate. Seber Associates’ main business is land and commercial properties. We understand the intricacies of these complex assets. We know how to portray their full value and communicate the exact information that potential buyers need.

2.   How will the broker present my property? The market for commercial properties is very different than the market for houses and lots. Buyers with the capability of financing large transactions are limited. They must be reached with focused marketing. They also demand complete and accurate information. Seber Associates develops a complete picture of its listings through a quality format and presents them directly to capable buyers. We also use targeted advertising to reach defined markets through ongoing mailings and print materials.


3.      Does the broker interact with likely buyers for my property? Since we specialize in commercial properties, we are in continual contact with well-financed parties. We have an in-house database of capable buyers for timberland, farms, ranches, and development properties. Since we are marketing only commercial properties, we are constantly receiving inquiries from parties looking to buy these assets.


4.      How will the broker develop an asking price for my property? Setting a price for a commercial property can be complex. Using our mapping skills, our business skills, and our appraisal skills, we can accurately and fully compile a price for your property. 


5.      Can you trust the broker to act in your best interest? We are guided by our commitment to doing business based on sound Biblical principals. We always put the interest of our clients ahead of our own interests. We believe this is a recipe for success.



If you would like to consider listing your property with Seber Associates, let us begin by providing you with a no obligation market analysis of your property. Contact us to set up an appointment.



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